Saturday, May 22, 2010

More! Magazine.

More! Magazine is an absolute disgrace.

I used to buy it all the time, because I loved the features and felt it covered so many different topics, from fashion, to celebrities, to looking at and considering things from a man's perspective.
I found this rare, considering most women's magazines primarily deal with one solid theme, such as Heat, who specialise in dishing all the goss on celebrities. Or Vogue, a magazine that focuses on fashion.

However, I saw something the other day that pissed me off. More!'s cover said
'50 sexy tops he'll love!'

That's kind've annoying, I thought. Why should a woman look to buy sexy clothes a man will appreciate? Why not, 50 sexy tops 'you'll' love??

A few issues later, it said 'Men tell us 3 things YOU do that push him away!'

Other topics have recently included 'Tips to be better in bed' and 'How to hold onto your man.' As well as a page dedicated to beauty tips every week.

There is always at least one article a week in which men tell the readers what they don't like about women. The magazine then provides further advice on how these 'flaws' can be improved.

Furthermore, the magazine has a page featured each week which poses a question to random men on the street, such as 'Who would be your ideal girlfriend?' and other questions to do with relationships and women.

Taking all this into account, I realised, every single issue of 'More!' is filled with crap to make women feel they need to better themselves. Each and every issue provides 'tips', and 'advice' - advice rooted in the assumption that all women are helpless, weak, and lacking self-esteem.

The men's input serves no other purpose other than to make women feel inferior, flawed and unsatisfactory.

I've never seen an article that supports the notion that it's okay to be single, or an article that sheds positive light on women's independence.

Instead, I see tips for getting noticed by men, advice on how to flirt, and articles that illustrate examples of when a man is bored and/or cheating on you. Subsequently, you are advised on what your next course of action should be, in order to improve what they seem to insist are 'your' failings.

Do men's magazines contain articles that provide the reader with pointers on how to keep women happy, how to be better in bed, or how to flirt? No, they don't. They never have and they never will

'More!' magazine, however, continues to make women feel inadequate and powerless, and in my opinion only encourages and reinforces age-old gender stereotypes and inequality.

Why would a magazine for women, run by women, do that? Maybe they want women to feel flawed and inadequate to ensure they become dependent on their valuable advice, so the magazine profits. Or perhaps they too, are just so consumed by what men think that they think they are helping their fellow women, when in fact they are not. Personally, I suspect it may be the former. Dependency = profit.

Either way, cheers More! magazine, but personally I don't need any of your shitty 'help'.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

I was looking at the television today...

... and all I could think was one thing.

Aww it's horrible ma

Problems with technology.

There are too many problems with technology today.

People should just spend their time cutting up onions, like we did in my day.